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You need leaders who can navigate our dynamic world.

Our experts bring training in Change Management; Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Oppression; Leadership Development; Succession Planning; and Board Governance.

Our Mission is to build high performance leadership and management teams that produce staunch, sustainable world class results for our clients in all private and public sector organizations—with agility, resilience, empathy and energy.

Our goal is to use our unique platform to attract the top Executive Search and Talent experts from locations around the world.

We continue to build industry best practices. And, enable other top professionals to help serve growing organizations around the globe.

Our team identifies, attracts, acquires, retains and develops world class talent.

We help organizations recruit and select leaders who create environments where everyone, from any background, can do their best work—- be their best selves.

Minority Executive Search International is a joint venture of Minority Executive Search (est 1985) created by a group of the most experienced and successful Executive Search Consultants, in North America.

Meet the Principals and Partners who have over thirty years of experience in the leadership and talent industries:

R. David Kinley

R. David Kinley

Chief Executive Officer
Bluenose & Company

Eral Burks

Eral Burks

Founder & Owner (est 1985)
Minority Executive Search

heather Connelly

Heather Connelly

Bluenose & Company

The War For Talent has stayed in Boardroom discussions since even before McKinsey’s landmark study on the War For Talent in 2000.

Issues that have driven this war to new heights; COVID-19, globalization, advancing technology, EDI, Anti Oppression,  changing demographics, and modern working relationships, are at the centre of skills and experiences of our team.

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