Partnership with the American Diversity Initiative

Partnership with the American Diversity Initiative

Minority Executive Search International has collaborated to form the American Diversity Initiative with the objective of making Diversity and Inclusion training accessible to employees and organizations in the United States.

The comprehensive course catalogue provides deep dive knowledge to individuals about unconscious bias, diversity, equity, inclusion and enables them to explore the DEI landscape.
The course outline includes –

  • Unconscious Bias Workplace Training
  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in the Workplace
  • DEI Training for the Workforce
  • DEI Training for Volunteers
    \DEI Training for Athletes

Are you seeking DEI training for your organization?

American Diversity Initiative provide customised DEI solutions that are cost-effective and aligned with your organization’s specific business requirements and corporate culture. With zero set up cost, we offer tailored discounts to companies based on their size.

Employer Accounts are the perfect solution and an easy way for small and medium size businesses looking for DEI training. The administrative console can help you track progress, distribute DEI training, create reports and keep your records well-organized.